Here's a little background history about me:

I was born in Chicago, IL and also lived in West Virginia and Ohio before settling in California. I survived the 60's without getting into drugs or getting arrested, so I figured with that accomplishment, I was ready for anything.  During the 70's I expanded my horseback riding skills in jumping and dressage.  I don't remember anything about the 80's though, because during the entire decade I was either on stage playing a flapper, a cowgirl, a hooker from the 1500's, or a sheep in the Garden of Eden, or I was learning the behind the scenes skills that went into running a stage production.  I began writing plays in 1989, and have been extremely fortunate in being published and produced worldwide.

What I like most about writing is that the possibilities are endless.  There's a big world out there, so there will always be something to write about.  I also had to adjust to some facts about the life of a writer, such as that a writer can't be overly sensitive.  Nothing has ever been written that is liked by everyone.  I knew that as soon as I accepted that fact, the happier I would be as a writer.  I also had to decide what I wanted to write and what I didn't want to write, and stick to my convictions while also keeping an open mind about what and how to write.  This not only makes writing a very fun and rewarding way to spend my time, it also broadens my thinking capacity.  I owe much of my happiness to becoming a writer.